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ITF Modules
Project Summary
e-Learning 2003 Phoenix  The e-Learning Network team presented at E-Learn 2003 in Phoenix, Arizona in November. More info...
ITF curriculum access has changed! Anyone wishing to use the e-Learning Network’s IT Fundamentals curriculum will now need a username and password to gain access. The ITF curriculum will remain FREE until at least August 31, 2003. All users will now have access to the enhanced versions which previously were restricted to Pilot Sites. Enhanced versions include "My Notes" - a dynamic notepad, an instant Feedback form, a Quick Message feature, and best of all, student tracking that "remembers" where each student is. The new log in process involves a self-enrollment process.
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Six NEW IT Fundamentals:
modules are completed. All include page tracking on logout, pre- and post-assessment tracking for monitoring purposes for instructors and our research team, a dynamic notepad feature, and instructor manuals. View the ITF Curriculum site.
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The modules created by ASU cover a variety of subjects for both the beginning and advanced computer user. Below is a listing of the modules.
Computer Hardware
Computer Literacy